About Me





Joel Webber


Place of Residence:

Auckland, New Zealand


Philosophical Views:

Absurdist (existence is fundamentally bizarre but contains unknown objective meaning)

Agnostic (it is possible but unverifiable that there exists a form of higher consciousness)

Continentalist (philosophy should be an organic and accessible discipline)

Cosmopolitan (support of society being led by a world government)

Monist (there is underlying unity between internal perception and the external world)

Neophile (novelty may be one component of the highest good)

Perspectivist (the subjective element of truth cannot be entirely eliminated)

Self-Determinist (events are simultaneously predetermined and caused by individuals)

Skeptic (few propositions can be confirmed with absolute certainty)

Stoic (moderated desires and the cessation of unnecessary suffering leads to happiness)



Diogenes, Epicurus, Seneca, Epictetus, Lord Byron, Arthur Schopenhauer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Stuart Mill, Søren Kierkegaard, Henry David Thoreau, William James, Friedrich Nietzsche, William George Jordan, H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Albert Camus, Alan Watts, Arthur C. Clarke, Jordan Peterson


Philosophical, Scientific and Societal Issues to Address:

    • Our distorted perception of time Rectifying our misplaced categorisation of time into ‘work’ and ‘leisure’
    • The detriments of materialist culture  Eliminating the unhappiness caused by homogenising definitions of success, campaigning against excessive and pervasive money-making practices (e.g. advertising and rent-seeking behaviour)
    • An inefficient occupational model  Resolving the disparities between childhood dreams and the often uncompromising realities of working life
    • The Pareto problem  Creating a society where ‘success’ is shared more equally among its members
    • An outdated and simplistic education system  Introducing proper financial and sociological teaching in schools so children understand societal systems before becoming a part of them
    • A reliance on dated systems and customs  Overturning conventions and traditions with arbitrary or illogical foundations
    • The unnecessary slaughter and mistreatment of animals  Advocating vegetarianism as a viable means of feeding the people
    • The Elective Affinities problem — Discovering how consciousness arises from ‘dead’ matter
    • A lack of guiding moral principles — Establishing a new cohesive codified system of morality
    • The apparent absurdity of the Universe  Finding a theory which comprehensively provides an ultimate explanation for existence


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