A Cruel and Costly Servitude


A retrospective servitude.

For every day you drift in brood

(every day you have to lose)

– Not once –

Is respite truly found

– Not once –

Does modern life abound

Beyond a poignant interlude

Of oversight and rash miscue

(beguiled by Catch 22),

A retrospective schadenfreude.


Devoid of want with naught to do

You long to be transported to

A finer time, a brighter place

You wish you were another face:

A clone fed with all new memories;

New loves, new friends, new enemies,

New aims, new fears, new destinies.


A greater task lies out there,

To thin your life from false care

Forsakes that precious chance to change

Small lives which lift your hope, and praise

Perpetual risks you face, through pains

To reignite our empathy; to reinstate equality.

They strengthen you. You strengthen them.


This world lays bare, but for your will

A gift to nurture idle land,

Yet pawns of habit seek to kill

Aspirations forged in sand

Though by their hand one may fulfill

The noble dream unique to man:

Community of fortitude,

Freedom from our servitude.

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