My Passing Soulmate


Grappling with false memories

I cherished her, she treasured me

– We thought our love was meant to be –

Few days well spent, the rest in mope

She held no clue she wore my hope

In every tame, unbroken stare

Past every vain and vexing fear,

A cure for all but absent dreams

The fix for tangled life which teemed

With fatal self-destruction.

She was the cure.


The irony was perfect.


At the fringe of her expression

Emerging blank but thinly veiled

Lurked years of stifled torment

I knew her feeling well.

In me she claimed a saviour

Yet she was always mine,

Together we’d take flight

– But spluttered

Embedded in delusion

Distracted from dark times.


The union was perfect.


When now and then we parted ways

Acquiescing Fate as if to say:

“Our lives are yours to give and take

But please erase this placid haze”

The chains between us soon gave way

Releasing forth the prize remains:

A fond memory to fall for;

A blithe reverie to chase.


The fantasy was perfect.


Caught within Fate’s temporal walls

I’ve lost her soul, she’s lost my call.

On days of pain unbearable

I question if she cares at all

Or if she hears each tear which falls

On vacant space that should be hers

Two victims of an aimless curse.


The tragedy was perfect.


The urge to form a lighter tune

To span the rift from me to you

Arises strong but cowers deep

Plagued by seeds we now can’t reap:

Years of rich, unfettered youth,

The reality feels too uncouth.

Yet some solace survives…


Her memory endures.


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3 comments on “My Passing Soulmate

  1. SauceBox says:

    Great stuff! Very nicely written. You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it


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