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Enjoy your stay at The Philoetry Forum, a place where it is encouraged to challenge existing norms in order to change our society for the better. Take a look around via the tabs above to see if there’s any content which interests you.

If you’d like to submit an article or creative piece you can send me an email (found at the bottom of the ‘About Me’ page) with your username and a paragraph description of the piece. I am able to add you as a contributor.



—   20/04/18   —


  • You can check out my most substantial current project here, Aphorisms and Approximations.



—   19/10/17   —




—   21/07/17   —


  • I’m going travelling for a bit over a month so it’s likely I won’t be able to post any new content for a while. There will be a wealth of fresh poetry, articles and short fiction when I get back!



—   16/04/17   —


  • The Philoetry Forum is back online for its official release after a long hiatus.
  • You can expect to see new poems, blog posts, short stories and more in the upcoming weeks.
  • Community features are also being investigated (including the ability to contribute your own content), so stay tuned!